Mission Statement

Imagine a strategic risk management technology that prefers long-term performance over short-term gains; that controls several risks simultaneously; that incorporates extreme movements and non-normal processes; that does not simply assume the future repeats the past but integrates a structured mathematical framework with collective and individual wisdom; that is dynamic with assets, liabilities, and derivatives; that allows processes to change over time as regimes change; that tailors general objectives and constraints to each institution; and that provides insight and not just answers. Imagine a technology that allows you to shape the future by shaping the densities of multiple outcomes. Our goal is the development and application of that technology for the difficult financial and economic environment we live in. That technology is here now!


  • Custom tailoring and installing asset/liability models;
  • Educating and training in strategic risk management at the technical or executive level;
  • Studying, reviewing, and evaluating asset/liability approaches;
  • Reviewing risk controls and testifying before boards and senior management;
  • Seminars and workshops on risk management using dynamic stochastic optimization;
  • Developing dynamic benchmarks and strategic asset allocations; and
  • Evaluating and calibrating risk modelling procedures and risk models.


RisKontroller Global has multiple products; its flagship strategic asset and liability risk management technology RisKontroller and modules used for scenario analysis and stress testing.


We conduct research in support of our mission. Much of this is done on the application of dynamic stochastic optimization, various kinds of stochastic processes, model evaluation, capital allocation, catastrophic risk analysis, and new methods for insight and analysis. We are specially working on methods for identifying and controlling crashes, corrections, and advantaging rallies.


The RisKontroller framework was initially developed at the World Bank under a research project for strategic asset and liability management for sovereign countries. It was designed to incorporate market risks, credit, commodity, liquidity, macro- and micro- economic and financial risks, catastrophic risks, and others.


Our clients are financial institutions including central banks, sovereign wealth funds, governmental agencies, pension funds, (re)insurance companies, hedge funds, and investment banks. We also work with individuals.


Jerome Kreuser – is the Executive Director and Founder of RisKontroller Global. Dr. Kreuser worked for 24 years at the World Bank in various positions and as a reserves management advisor for the IMF. He holds a PhD in Mathematical Programming/Numerical Analysis and a Masters and B.A. with Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin

Himadri Bhattacharya – is the Senior Advisor for Public Institutions is a portfolio and risk management specialist, having more than three decades of experience. He is a former senior official of RBI and the Tata group. Currently, he works as an external consultant to IMF and African Development Bank. He has provided technical assistance to eight central banks and governments.

Sivaprakasam Sivakumar – is the Senior Vice-President for Business Development for RisKontroller technology with central banks and sovereign wealth funds. He has published a book titled “Investing in India’s Emerging Resilience” which was launched in India by Dr. Abhijit Sen – Member Planning Commission on March 8th 2009.