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  • RisKontroller generates customized plans to meet the goals of institutions and individuals who want to take control more fully of the risks associated with their assets, liabilities, and cash flows 
  • We provide strategic risk management for central banks, ministries of finance, sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, reinsurance companies, hedge funds, financial institutions, and individuals
  • Our innovative ECO Bubble Predictions  technology can mitigate potential drawdowns from asset bubble buildups as well as position assets for pending rallies 

ECO bubble predictions for a select group of assets is updated weekly at 

Cubiculum Auguria

Performance of our global tactical asset allocation strategy is updated daily at


Our ECO Bubble predictions and trading signals are useful to a wide variety of investors because they can be calculated on individual assets, index returns of equities, fixed income, commodities, or currencies over various periodicities.  Portfolio managers, traders, CTAs, or risk managers around the globe can benefit from these timing tools. 

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