ECO Cryptocurrencies

The ECO asset price model identifies signatures in price data indicating potential crashes or rallies and estimates the magnitudes, the probabilities, and the timing of expected moves. Lambda is an important predictor from the ECO modelling process that prescribes a weight for an asset in the near term. Lambda scores are generated weekly with scores ranging from -1 (short) to 2 (2X long). We show how lambda successfully timed allocations to several cryptocurrencies in the charts below — ECO returns are shown in color and the underlying asset returns are shown in black. The results reflect positions that have been published in advance of the subsequent returns.

More examples are shown here.

In addition to the assets shown here, these predictions and trading signals are useful to a wide variety of investors because they can be calculated on individual assets, index returns of equities, fixed income, commodities, or currencies over various periodicities.  Portfolio managers, traders, CTAs, or risk managers around the globe can benefit from these timing tools. 

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