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Control your risks, or they will control you!

See our AugurMax Performance up 3.5% on the month of August 2019.  We will publish WHY this happened in September.  Check back soon!

Supporting strategic risk management for central banks, ministries of finance, sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, reinsurance companies, hedge funds, financial institutions, and individuals.

For institutions and individuals who want to take control over the performance of their assets/ liabilities/cashflows, RisKontroller generates actionable results custom tailored to meet strategic and personal goals, mitigate crashes, and advantage rallies using innovative tested technology.


Risk is on.  We will be reviewing the analytics and  the winners and losers with predictions in the Cubiculum Auguria.
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RisKontroller Global is now providing bubble prediction, quantification, and mitigation analytics to SBI  Funds Management Private Limited which is a Joint venture between the State Bank of India (SBI) and AMUNDI of France.
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